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Type Unit Size Monthly Rate  Available
Melville Locker 5.0 x 5.0 x 5.0$39.99Yes
Centereach climate 1st floor 10.0 x 10.0$149.99Yes
Centereach Drive up 5.0 x 10.0$89.99Yes
Centereach Drive up 10.0 x 10.0$139.99Yes
Melville 2nd floor Climate 5.0 x 10.0$89.99Yes
Melville 2nd floor 10.0 x 10.0$134.99Yes
Melville 2nd floor 10.0 x 15.0$169.99Yes
Centereach 2nd floor CC 10.0 x 10.0$139.99Yes
Melville drive up 10.0 x 10.0$169.99Yes
Centereach 2nd floor CC 10.0 x 15.0$179.99Yes
Centereach Drive up 10.0 x 15.0$169.99Yes
Melville 1st floor climate 10.0 x 15.0$199.99Yes
Centereach Drive up 10.0 x 20.0$209.99Yes
Centereach Drive up 10.0 x 25.0$259.99Yes
Melville 1st floor climate 10.0 x 20.0$229.00Yes
Melville drive up 10.0 x 20.0$299.99Yes
Melville 2nd floor Climate 10.0 x 30.0$299.99Yes


Reserve your unit, quickly and easily!

1MiniStorageInManhattan makes it easy to reserve the storage unit you need. No longer do you have to come to the facility during business hours to rent a unit. It can all be done online or through the phone. We know that you’re busy and we do everything we can to ensure you have a stress-free experience. Our customers often thank us for how we go above and beyond to provide the best service we can, all while providing the lowest prices. We provide a large variety of ways to rent your storage unit. You can either rent your unit online, through the phone, or even through our unique kiosk system located in our lobby. We make sure that no matter what outlet you choose, it’s going to be a quick and easy process. We have been providing our community with the best prices on self-storage for over two decades and will continue to provide the superior service that our customers have come to expect in the future.

Reserving online

Many people ask us why they should reserve online and the answers simple. By reserving online not only are you guaranteed the unit, but you’re getting the absolute lowest price for it! Aside from the simplicity, you’re saving time and money. Who doesn’t want that? We provide an easy to use system for reserving your storage unit. We have allowed our customers to enter in the least amount of information possible so the process doesn’t take long. We always have our customers in a mind and are constantly trying to make the experience quicker and easier.

Reserving through the phone

By reserving through the phone you know you are also getting the best deal along with the best service because you’re speaking to one of our well knowledgeable customer service representatives. They will not only provide you with all of the information that you need, but can even book the unit that you need right over the phone. Even if you’re not sure about something, please ask! We’re happy to help people and constantly are doing so daily so don’t hesitate. You can even schedule a visit to see the unit sizes that you may need!

Reserving through our indoor kiosk

Reserving through our unique indoor kiosk is quick and easy. This is just one of the aspects that separate us from the competition. Our kiosk allows you to rent a unit and even pay your bill! All of this can be done quickly and easily. What’s even better is that this can all be done outside of our regular business hours! What’s better than that? At any time you can rent a storage unit or pay your bill. How many other storage companies can say they do that? These are just some of the things we offer to ensure your self-storage experience with us is an easy and quick as possible. There’s a reason we’ve been in business for over two decades so choose a company that you can trust.