File and Office Storage


Welcome to office storage page. Are you trying to find cheap storage for your office supplies? Maybe you are a business owner that needs to store important files and documents in a safe and secure environment? If this is your story then you should think about getting an office storage unit from We have been providing top quality storage units for over 20 years now and have the lowest prices on the island. Have lots of storage? no worries, we have units as small as 5 feet by 5 feet all the way up to 10 feet by 30 feet!

Who uses Office Storage?

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File and office storage is way more common than one may think every big business has documents and files that need to be kept safe. You may think why wouldn't I just keep my files in a safe at my office? This at first seems like a good idea but what if there was a tragic accident like a fire or flood and your documents are lost forever. It is always good to be safe and that is why we highly recommend storing your belongings with us. All kinds of businesses use our office storage units. Maybe you're a accounting business with tons of tax documents, or a computer business with many important manuals and documentation. If this is you then you may really want to consider getting a file and office storage unit with File and office storage isn't only for business's , we have many tenants that use these units for storing their personal files and documents that are otherwise just taking up space in their home. You would be surprised how much space you could save in your home if you moved all your files and documents to a storage unit

What we offer? is not like other storage companies. We are offer the lowest prices around and are located a short drive east off the Long Island expressway . We also offer 24 hour access to our units which is something unheard of at other storage facilities. 90% of other storage facilities have specific visiting hours that you are allowed to access your items. We here at believe that you should have full access to your belongings at any time of the day,; why should you settle for any less, these items belong to you and that is why we give you unlimited access to them. If you are worried about your office storage being damaged due to extreme weather conditions there is no need to worry. We offer all of our units as either climate controlled or regular. A climate controlled unit has a temperature controlled device in it that regulates the temperature so you belongings can be stored at optimal temperature conditions. This in return keeps your items safer and keeps them in the best condition for longer. Check out our website for deals and discounts, we add new ones regularly. Store with confidence, store with