Business Mini Storage for Manhattan

Mini Storage

Welcome to's mini storage page. Do you have a lot of little items just taking up space in your home, or maybe even your office at work? If this is your case then you might want to think about getting your very first mini storage unit from We are amongst the best storage places located a short drive east off the long island expressway. We know it can be quite a task to find quality storage for a good deal in New York City so that is why we created We have lower prices then all our competitors while still being able to provide top quality storage units. Renting a mini storage unit with us can really help clean up the clutter in your home as well as provide you with a safe feeling in knowing your belongings are with us.

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Who uses Mini Storage?

Mini storage can be used by anyone. We have tenants with mini storage units who come from all different occupations. Maybe you're a computer business and need to store some extra hard drives, or maybe you're a collector of novelty action figures and need some place to keep them safe, or maybe your an accountant and want to store some tax documents. All of these situations are just some of the many examples of when one would want to look into renting a mini storage unit. Don't be mistaken though, mini storage units are not only used for occupational storage but many families and homeowners use mini storage to clear the clutter in their home. Do you have clutter in your attic, garage or basement? If so you might want to rent a mini storage unit with If you are afraid that you don't know what size unit you need there is no need to worry. We have ca friendly staff that can happily assist you with all of your storage needs as well as a unit size estimator on our website that can help you determine simply and efficiently what unit is right for you.

Why Choose Us for Mini Storage?

Mini storage is a speciality here at to The main reason we shine where other storage companies do not is our experience. We have been dealing with storage units for quite some time now and over the years we have learned how to provide the best storage units out there for the best prices around. We make renting a storage unit fast and simple by using our automated kiosk. Every single one of our units has the great benefit of 24 hour access so you can access your unit on your time and not our time. We are located in a safe and secure environment with 24 hour surveillance and a fully gated community. What are you waiting for? Come on down today and rent a mini storage unit with us!


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