1 Mini Storage In Manhattan Drive Up


About Drive up Storage

Have you been having trouble finding a quality storage unit with easy access as well as a fair price? If this is your story then no need to search any further! Drive up storage units are specialized easy access units that you can physically drive right up to. This makes your trips to our storage facility simple and fast! Drive up storage is something almost unheard of in New York City and our company 1ministorageinManhattan.com has prices that our competitors just can't beat! We are a very reputable and well known company that has been around for over 2 decades now. Our friendly staff is very knowledgeable and can assist you with all your storage needs and wants. Keep reading further to better understand the great benefits of choosing drive up storage.

Is Drive up Storage for everyone?

The simple answer is yes! Drive up storage makes life easier for everyone because it eliminates the struggle of lugging items to and from your storage unit to your car or truck. We here at 1ministorageinManhattan.com always like to recommend drive up storage because the benefits are just too great to pass up. Drive up storage can really help people that are using their storage units for a profession. Lets say you are a plumber that stores his parts and tools in our storage units. If you need to access your unit for these parts and tools on average 5-6 times a day wouldn't it be nice to be able to drive up for the parts so you can avoid all that carrying to and from your unit? Drive up storage is the answer to all these types of problems ; we have tenants of all professions such as business owners, plumbers, contractors, computer technicians and much more that are all using drive up storage units. Say goodbye to large flights of stairs and elevators and say hello to drive up storage!


Why Choose us for Drive up Storage?

We here at 1ministorageinManhattan.com like to acknowledge how valuable your time is. That is why we decided to make 24 hour access to our storage units as opposed to specialized visiting hours like many of our competitors do. We believe your time is important and you should be able to access your belongings when you want! We have a very safe and secure facility that is fully gated and is under 24 hour surveillance so no need to worry about the safety of your belongings . We also have a 4 digit personalized gate code that you choose when you rent a unit with us. This helps provide an extra level of security. What are you waiting for? come down to 1ministorageinManhattan.com and get a drive up storage unit today!