Climate Controlled Storage, do you need it?


Here in New York, we have a wide range of climate. This can be a good thing because we get to experience all the seasons, but when it comes to storing in the blazing heat of the summer months or the unforgiving winter frost, some items may not hold up so well. Climate controlled storage is a way to stabilize the conditions inside of a storage unit to maintain a steady temperature all year round. This eliminates the problem of mold building up inside your unit, or having items begin to rot. While this might always be necessary depending on what you are planning on storing in your unit, it is crucial for sensitive items like furniture and electronics as these types of items can be damaged easily with unstable temperatures and humidity.

Many of our customers are curious as to if climate controlled storage is actually necessary. Well here I’m going to outline exactly who needs climate controlled storage. The first thing you want to determine is whether your belongings are temperature or humidity sensitive. Our non-climate controlled units are not regulated by temperature or humidity and depending on the outside temperature this could be detrimental to your items. So if you have items like pictures or paintings, climate controlled storage units are a must. When there are sentimental items that you just don’t want to get ruined, you must not take a chance. You’re better off spending a little extra and getting the climate controlled storage where you have peace of mind.

What kind of climate controlled storage units do you offer?

1MiniStorageInManhattan is proud to offer a variety of different sizes for our climate controlled storage units. All of the sizes located in our two story buildings are climate controlled and vary from a 5x5 to a 10x20. In this building the humidity and temperature are controlled so your items are kept safe from the elements. If it gets too hot, there’s air conditioning and if it’s too cold the heat turns on. It is always at a set temperature to make sure your belongings are safe. We know that trusting your belongings with someone else is a big step to take, but you’ll be happy you did. You can finally clear up that space you’ve always wanted! Make a small home much more livable by choosing a climate controlled storage unit for all of your storage needs. No matter what size you need we have resources available to make sure that all of your stuff will fit.

What’s the price difference for climate controlled units?

This is one of our most asked questions and fortunately one that most of customers like to hear. Our climate controlled storage units usually aren’t much more than their non-climate controlled counterpart! You can rest assured when choosing 1MiniStorageInManhattan, that you’re getting the best price on your climate controlled storage unit. Our prices are usually much lower than our competitors and that’s one of the main reasons why our customers constantly recommend us to their friends and families. Our loyal customers have described us as having the best prices on storage units while providing the best customer service possible and we’re glad to hear it. Here at 1MiniStorageInManhattan, we’re not a national chain. We’re regular people, just like you. That’s why we go above and beyond when it comes to our customers. We are constantly offering the individual service that other companies simply can’t and we’re proud to say it! We’ve been offering Suffolk County the lowest prices on climate controlled storage for over two decades and we will continue to do so. By going above and beyond our customers have come to trust us for all of their self-storage needs, we hope to see you soon!