Apartment storage

Welcome to 1ministorageinManhattan.com apartment storage page. Are you someone who just left your parent's home and got your first apartment and just don't have enough room to keep your precious belongings? Maybe you just moved from your old home to a much smaller one and you just can't fit all of your items comfortably. This happens in New York on a regular basis and that is why we here at 1ministorageinManhattan.com want to provide a solution for you.

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What is Apartment Storage?

Honestly, anything you would store in a home can be considered apartment storage. Apartment storage is ideal for sofas, beds, tables, chairs and even clothing. People regularly sell their condos, apartments and maisonettes in New York because they need to move out for all kinds of reasons. and for many there is nowhere to go until a suitable replacement residence is found. This makes apartment storage a necessity and that is why we here at 1ministorageinManhattan.com want to provide what's best for you. We have apartment storage units in all shapes and sizes. We have units as small as 5 feet by 5 feet lockers and as large as 10 feet by 30 feet garages so no need to worry if we have the right size unit for you. These units can either be regular units or climate controlled units. A climate controlled unit is always a good idea as it protects your belongings from damage due to weathering and natural causes.

Why choose us for Apartment Storage?

We know storage in New York City can be expensive. That is why we created 1ministorageinManhattan.com , which is located a short drive east off the Long Island expressway . We offer storage units at rates substantially below all New York City storage companies. We truly care about quality here at 1ministorageinManhattan.com and that is why while still providing the most inexpensive units around we still provide top quality units. Our family owned business loves to provide deals and discounts anytime we can. Our website has discounts for holidays and special season as well as coupons. We change our deals regularly so be sure to check our page often to see how you can save with us! Who knows you might end up saving way more then you expected on your apartment storage.

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If you ever have any questions our friendly staff can assist you. We can be contacted by phone, email or in person. One of our greatest features that our tenants love is that you can pay your bill at our automated kiosk. This means you do not have to worry about our office hours in order to pay your bill, at any time that is convenient for you, you can stop by. We have 24 hour access at our facilities because we here at 1ministorageinManhattan.com believe your time is important and you should be able to access your belongings when its right for you. What are you waiting for? Go online and get a quote today!